Manufacturing World-Class Outdoor Kitchens

Paradise Outdoor Kitchens Manufacturing

Your family will appreciate the quality design, unbeatable performance, and the aesthetic beauty of a backyard tropical paradise. 

Turn your backyard into a tropical paradise by making one of our outdoor kitchens the focal point of the yard. All our outdoor kitchens are designed to your specific desires and needs so that your kitchen will fit and enhance your lifestyle and grilling experience.

We take outdoor entertainment to a whole new level. We take pride in our build process right from creating a CAD drawing of your outdoor kitchen so you can see where your hardware or electrical is going on the kitchen.

Let us help you design and create a new look for your backyard. There is no limit to what we can build! Call us today!

Superior Framing for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Paradise Outdoor Kitchens has the strongest structure in the industry. We use 3 times as many steel studs than anyone else. All our units have custom framing using galvanized steel studs 8 inches on center or closer. 

The industry standard is 16 to 24 inches apart depending on the company. We are the only ones that use more steel. Galvanized construction guarantees that your frame will be rustproof for a lifetime.

These superior construction techniques guarantee the strongest base and the most secure countertop in the industry.

Complete Prewired Outdoor Kitchen

All our kitchens have a prewired electrical system as a standard feature. Plug your kitchen in after delivery and start enjoying it right away. Paradise Outdoor Kitchens is the only company in the industry to offer this.

Everyone else in the industry just sticks junction boxes to the frame. You have to do the extra work yourself or hire an electrician before enjoying your first outdoor meal.

Paradise Outdoor Kitchens has floated tops to ensure that the surface of each kitchen is perfectly level, providing the best possible bond for the tile. Super thick fiberglass mesh reinforces and seals all the seams and corners preventing cracking.
Floated Tops

Floated Tops and Fiber-Meshed Seams

Polymer fortified cementitious compound seals and secures all the corners and joints. These superior construction techniques give long-lasting durability to our kitchens.

Our finished interiors protects from sharp screws and insects. We finish the interior of your kitchen with a non-porous, white ABS lining so the entire inside space can be used as a storage.

We make the inside of your outdoor kitchen to look just as good as the outside. Our passion is making a great product for you.

Bullnose and Quadra-Trex Flooring System

It's like getting an extra-cost, beautifying option for free! Paradise Outdoor Kitchens has standard bullnosing on all granite and marble countertops.

Our kitchens are kept above standing rainwater and protected against mildew and rot by Trexdeck. It shields the kitchen from moisture and insect damage, so there is no rotting and splintering. It protects from UV damage giving long-lasting durability.

Your new outdoor kitchen from Paradise Outdoor Kitchens comes with an incredible lifetime WARRANTY on its structure.
Recessed Ventilation

Recessed Ventilation in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Recessed ventilation gives the necessary aeration without the ugly tacked-on look. This method makes our kitchen look better than most other outdoor kitchens in the industry. 

This also serves as a great safety feature. With superior ventilation our outdoor kitchens rise above other outdoor kitchens on the market today.

Don't substitute safety when using gas grills. We think of everything when it comes to entertaining outdoors so you can relax and enjoy yourself.
Acrylic Finishes

Elastomeric Acrylic Finishes

Our finishes give unmatched elasticity and crack bridging capability. Acrylic finishes are flexible, breathable, and crack resistant.

Paradise Outdoor Kitchens finishes are designed for long-lasting, durable performance long after the initial application.

As an optional upgrade try our Ameristone. It is rock solid and beautiful, provides us with a new level of durability and performance in an elegant architectural stone finish. Ameristone is a dramatic blend of natural aggregate stones varying in size and color.
Visit our showroom to pick your new outdoor kitchen today!
Your new outdoor kitchen from Paradise Outdoor Kitchens comes with an incredible lifetime warranty on its structure. Call us today for more information.
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